Braided Crib Bumper Tri-Color (White/Pink/Grey) 200cm
Braided Crib Bumper Tri-Color (White/Pink/Grey) 200cm

Braided Crib Bumper Tri-Color (White/Pink/Grey) 200cm

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Size : 200cm
Colors : White/Pink/Grey

Braided Bumper is a good idea for a baby shower gift, it can be used as decorative pillows in nursery or kids room. This form of pillow is very universal, it can be a rim in your baby's crib, and a comfortable pillow for pregnant women, or a stylish detail for your interior.

The crib bumper protects your baby's hands and feet from getting stuck between crib spindles as well as it protects the baby's head and body from hitting and bruising against the crib walls. It is available in rich colors to help you fill your surroundings with comfort and fashion.

Our Braided crib bumper are made from premium 100% hypoallergenic materials,100% handmade and it's soft and safe for babies.

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